The XLogicLab from Pardis Novel Processing Technology offers a hardware environment for new designers to test their digital designs. User I/Os make the FPGA attachable to other ICs/Boards to prepare a complete design.
Configuration is done via parallel cable lv interface in slave-serial mode. Three different capacity Xilinx Spartan-ll FPGAs can be installed on the boards considering the user applications.
Different supported I/O standards and the four DLLs in the FPGA

  • Xilinx XC2S100-5PQ208, XC2S150-5PQ208 or XC2S2005PQ208

 I/O Connectors

  • Three 20-Pin I/O connectors

  • Two 16 bit hardware-in and hardware-out buses


  • Xilinx Parallel Cable lv


  • 16 LEDs

  • Two 7-segments

 Key board

  • 4x4 keyboard


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