SDH Radio


Pardis DRS-1600 SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) Microwave Radio System is designed to provide high quality SDH radio network. It can operate in frequency bands from 7.7 to 8.2 GHz. This SDH Radio transmits one STM-1/OC 155 Mbit/s signal plus optional wayside signals. This product includes two powerful interface units to convert/mux other data format such as Ethernet (4Mbps), ASI, E3,and Up to 4×E1 to STM1 data format and long as 2×OW, 6×Tel, 2×Service Channels to an E1 signal interface. The most efficient modulation techniques are used in full compliance with standard RF channel spacings as recomended by ITU-R.




System Parameters (64QAM) System Parameters (128QAM)
Frequency Range 7.7-8.2 GHz Frequency Range 7.7-8.2GHz
Channel Spacing 40MHz Channel Spacing 30MHz
Modulation Scheme 64QAM TCM Modulation Scheme 128QAM TCM
TX Output Power 30 dBm TX Output Power 30dBm
System Parameters
Wayside Capacity (in RFCOH) 64QAM system: 1x2.048Mbit/s
128QAM system: 1x2.048Mbit/s
Service Channel Capacity (in RFCOH) 1x(192or64Kbit/s) and 4x64Kbit/s
Power Supply -48v DC
Operating Temperature -0°c to +50°c


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