QPSK Radio


Pardis DRS-1032 is a low cost and high performance QPSK radio capable of transmitting a multiplexed stream of 2-34 Mbps. An efficient integrated multiplexer prepares the stream from some or all of the 16 E1 ports or the E3 port. The radio can also accept DVB MPEG-TS from its E3 port making it proper for use in video transmission applications. Multiple coding rates and the Reed-Solomon codec along with channel equalization and timing and carrier recovery techniques guarantee a very good data link. ? has multiple IF and RF units (up to 15 GHz) to be the best choice for radio communication systems.


Cost optimized, high performance low to high capacity digital radio link
Input bit rate support of 2-34 Mbps.
Channel Bandwidth support of 1.5-30MHz.
Reed-Solomon and Convolutional coding support for high link quality.
16E1 or E3 physical input support.
DVB MPEG-TS on ASI/E3 support (optional).
nE1 efficient multiplexing for n=1, 2, 3,,16.
Robust QPSK modulation for low cost and high performance RF front ends.
36-70MHz or 140-300MHz IF output (1Hz step) with -30 to +5 dBm level (1 dB step).
L-band or 2.1-2.7GHz RF output (50 Hz step) with -30 to -5 dBm level (1dB step).
15GHz outdoor RF module.
Compact size of two rack units.


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