Multi-Rate BER Tester


Pardis TEQ-2250 is a 2xE1/E3/STM-1 bit error rate tester best used for the field test of fiber and microwave radio link. With its very optimized cost this device extracts very detailed alarms and faults while recoding them for computer analysis via USB port.


2/34/140 Mbps unframed testing (PDH).
DS1/DS3/STM-1 unframed testing (SDH).
Compact and low cost version of 2E1 BER tester available.
Input frequency offset measurement.
Event log transfer to computer by USB interface.
Compact portable structure, durable design.
Suitable for carrying around and on-spot measurements.
Up to 1200 days of continues test for low-rate inputs.
Up to 17 days of continues test for STM-1 stream.
Built-in high performance rechargeable batteries usable for move than 10 hours.
Multi PRBS, fixed code and user-defined test patterns supported.
8 different alarms (LOS, AIS, LOF, BPV, ) LED indicator with history.
On-line embedded software upgrading.
Transmit and receive frequency deviation generations (up to 500 ppm) and receive frequency         measurement        
Manual/automatic error injection.


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