MPEG-TS Generator/Analyzer


The TEQ-2470 can be used to continuously generate/record and monitor any DVB Transport Stream. It can be installed in critical points along the transmission chain to detect and locate errors in order to keep the quality of service as high as possible. Also it can be used to generate a recorded Transport Stream for any TS-input systems such as modulators and encoders. The web based user interface allows the unit to be remotely controlled from any computer supporting a web browser. A 8 touch screen LCD provides the user with a user-friendly interface for adjusting and monitoring of different parameters in stand-alone mode.

Standard Features:  
  • Portable Chassis

  • more than 3 hours battery life

Analyzer Section

Completely supports DVB specifications
Error detection according to ETR290 specification
Bit rate alarms
TS / Service / PID analysis
PSI / SI (DVB) table analysis
User friendly remote control from web browser
Internal alarm/event logging
Additional table decoding of SDT tables
High bit rate capacity (108 Mbit/s)
DVB ASI burst input on same card
ASI output offering an active loop-through output of the input signal source
Touch Screen, user friendly interface for monitoring and settings
10/100 Mbit Ethernet TCP/IP interface

Generator Section

  • Up to 4GByte on-chip (flash) and 100 GByte external memory

  • (HDD) capacity to record and play any MPEG-TS

  • Contains fixed, and user recorded MPEG-TS

  • TS recording ability via ASI, G.703 (online) and Ethernet (offline)

  • Output rate adaption

  • optional Remux Module for ASI/G.703/Memory.


  o Connector: BNC (female), 75 Ohm
  o Max 108 Mbit/s

QPSK Demodulator
  o Connector: BNC (female), 75Ohm
  o Frequency range: 950 2150MHz
  o Symbol rates: 2 30.5 Mbaud
  o LNB power: 13V, 18V or off
  o 22KHz tone

OFDM Demodulator (Optional)
  o Connector: BNC (female), 75ohm
  o Channel Bandwidth: 8 MHz
  o OFDM
  o Tuner frequency range: 50-860 MHz

IP - Ethernet Input Interface
   o 100BaseTX Fast Ethernet


  o Connector: BNC (female)
  o Max 108 Mbit/s

Analysis Details:

TS Analysis

  • Shows all present PIDs

  • Monitoring of total and effective bit rate

  • Detection of DVB ASI packet length

Service Analysis

  • Shows Service IDs, names and components

  • Dynamically updated graphical view service

  • bitrates including detection of min/max values

  • service oriented alarm reporting.

PID Analysis

  • Dynamically updated graphically updated graphical view of individual

  • PID bitrates including detection of min/max values

  • PCR jitter measurements, including real- time

  • Graphical view of PCI jitter distribution

  • Scrambling detection

  • Decodes PCI/SI/PSIP tables (shows fully decoded table syntax and hex table)


  • In-depth PCR analysis with graphical results views of:
    o PCR_OJ (overall jitter)
    o PCR_AC (accuracy)
    o PCR_FO (frequency offset)
    o PCR_DR (drift rate)
    o Arrival interval

Service logging of configurable set of parameters at user definable intervals
Remote Monitoring


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