E3 Distributor


Pardis DIN-7020 is an E3 distributor used to source several E3-input systems with one source. In its basic mode, it creates an active connection between the input and its four outputs while more input ports may also be added to the distributor for input selection ability. in advanced mode, there are 2 input and 8 output ports and any signal routing may be performed by user programming. A remux board may also be added to the system as an option to select a program set from input systems.


1-input, 4-output or 2-input, 8-output E3 Distributor.
Integrated jitter attenuator in both transmit and receive paths
Optional Remux operation on inputs (in two-input mode).
Arbitrary signal routing in two-input mode.
Powerful line driver and equalizer for driving more than 300 meters of 75-ohm coaxial cable.
Automatic data squelching during LOS.
Built-in self test for stand-alone test.
Additional input ports (up to 4 ports) for input selection (optional).
Ethernet, RS-232 and local control and monitoring.

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