Digital Pattern Generator


Pardis Multi-Standard Generator is a complete transport stream generator to be used as a powerful test equipment for broadcasting systems. This product allows generation and record of various MPEG-TS patterns on standard ASI and E3 formats.
Capability of standard pattern generation on SDI and E1 formats makes it a useful and versatile pattern generator.


•ASI, SDI, E3 and E1 input/output ports.
•Digital video/audio pattern generation in DVB MPEG-TS format, on ASI/E3 outputs.
•Digital uncompressed pattern generation in SDI (SMPTE 256M) format on SDI output.
•Standard test patterns for E1 and E3 outputs.
•512M/1024M of internal flash memory for video/audio storing.
•Rate adaptation for ASI MPEG-TS output.
•USB 2.0 interface for pattern recording/restore by a user friendly computer software.
•ASI, SDI, E3 and E1 recording ability form arbitrary sources.
•USB 2.0 and local control and monitoring


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