Digital Channel Emulator


Pardis TEQ-2508 is a multi-path channel model emulator best used to test digital QAM modems in laboratory. The model accepts constant or varying parameters in order to emulate different channel specifications.



Emulates a multi-path LOS Channel model (2 to 10 paths).
Best hardware for Rummler model emulation (2-18 GHz).
Measured AWN/AWGN included in the model.
Including baseband models for RF transmitter and receiver filters.
Carrier offset emulation (10Hz to 2 MHz).
Phase noise emulation of -140 to -60 dBc/Hz @1KHz (optional).
Low IF (70 MHz) monitoring output.
Additional Analog input/output with up to 125 MSPS Sampling rate (optional).
Full control on τ (equivalent second path delay), a (flat attenuation) and b (equivalent second path attenuation).
Variation control on τ/a and b (Standard distribution, constant, linear or logarithmic).
Full control on changing rate of model parameters.
Maximum operating frequency of 125 MHz.
Compact size of one rack unit.


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