DVB-S Demodulator


Pardis DBX-4713 us a high performance semi-professional DVB-S demodulator fully compliant with ETCI EN 300 421. The demodulator delivers its output on ASI or E3 ports and shows the transmission parameters on its local and Ethernet/RS232 interfaces. High performance channel equalization and timing and carrier recovery algorithms make this demodulator useful in many applications. Analog video/audio outputs are also delivered as an option and demodulator can get its input in IF or L-Band frequencies. 


Fully DVB-S (ETSI EN 300 421) compatible.
Used as a semi-professional DVB-S receiver.
Signal quality and transmitter parameters monitoring.
1-45 MSym/S of supported symbol rate with 10 Sym/s step.
1-65 Mbps of output MPEG-TS Stream on two ASI/E3 BNC connectors in video mode.
Two ASI/E3 outputs (identical).
Analog video/audio output (optional).
FEC code rates of 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 and RS(204/188) for powerful channel coding.
High performance timing and carrier recovery and channel equalization.
34-70 MHz IF or 950-2150 MHz RF input.
Ethernet, RS-232 and local monitoring and control.
Compact size of one rack unit.


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