DVB Re-multiplexer


Pardis DBX-3120 is a professional and cost-effective DVB
re-multiplexer. Different versions of this re-multiplexer are available to meet the requirement of this broadcasting users. 2/46/8 ASI BNC inputs with at least 100Mbps of MPEG-TS re-multiplexing is easily achievable with this unit.
This unit may also be equipped with optional SMPTE10 output,
DVB-T, DVB-H, DVB-S and DVB-C modulators. Typical applications for this unit are regional re-multiplexing, local contribution insertions,
multi-channel broadcast creation, and sever filtering and add/drop. 


2/4/6/8 ASI BNC inputs, compatible with SPTS or MPTS streams.
4 ASI BNC outputs (identical or different style Mux).
Complete automated and manual add/drop, re-mapping, PID filtering, re-stamping and PSI/SI features.
Complete PSI/SI generator and management software included.
Service, PID and PMT management and re-mapping.
Event log printable with software and front panel control.
Save/Actiate at least 16 different configurations.
Loop Through capability for each input to any output


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