DAB Ensemble Provider


Pardis DAB Ensemble Provider (Multiplexer) is considered as the coordinator of the DAB chain system. The input to the multiplexer is provided from some or all of the 12 inputs in G.703 format. Input ports are BNC 75Ω and can be different STI or ETI (NI or NA) after processing the back channel commands (STI-C) to determine the multiplexer configuration and tasks. The connection between STI Encoders and Ensemble Provider is bidirectional; so, seamless reconfigurations can be scheduled and performed. DAB Ensemble multiplexer can also be used in SFN networks to multiplex number of DAB channels in to one signal.  


Supports all the DAB transmission modes (I, II, III, IV).
Supports STI-C Level 3 (the highest layer in TS 101 860).
Seamless reconfigurations can be scheduled and performed.
Time-Stamp compliant for using in SFN networks.
Fully Compatible with EN 300 401, EN 300 797, EN 300 799 and EN 300 496-1, 2, 3.
Up to 12 inputs in STI (PI, G.704/1, 2) or STI (PI, G.703) format.
One output in ETI (NI, G.703) or ETI (NA, G.704) format
RS-232 and Local control and monitoring.
Windows-based Software for control, schedule and monitoring.


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