ASI-STM1 Interface


Pardis DIN-6465 is a device for mapping an ASI based MPEG-TS into the VC-4 container of a STM-1 signal. This device also extracts the received MPEG-TS and delivers it on its ASI ports. This interface is mainly used when connecting a broadcaster to a telecom network which does not accept ASI signals with high rates. Using two DIN-? devices the broadcaster can use a microwave or fiber transmission network to connect to its broadcasting sites or another broadcaster.


Independent conversion of ASI-STM1 and STM1-ASI.
Accepts more than 108Mbps of DVB-ASI.
DVB-ASI generation in Byte/Burst Modes.
Cable length support of more them 160 meters for STM1 and 50 meters for ASI.
User friendly panel interface for control and monitoring.
Compact size of one rack uni

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