ASI Distributor


Pardis DIN-7040 is a DS3/E3/STS-1 distributor used to source several systems with a single source. In its basic mode, it creates an active connection between the input and its four outputs. As this connection includes re-clocking circuitry with jitter attenuator in input/output paths, a set of high-quality isolated copies is delivered at system output.


1-input, 4-output or 2-input, 8-output ASI Distributor.
Integrated jitter attenuators in both transmit and receive paths.
Optional Remux operation on input (in two input mode).
Arbitrary signal routing in two-input mode.
Powerful line driver for driving more than 50 meters of 75-ohm coaxial cable.
Automatic data squelching during LOS.
Built-in self test for stand-alone test.
Additional input ports (up to 4 ports) for input selection (optional)
Ethernet, RS-232 and local control and monitoring


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