4E3-E4 Interface


Pardis DIN-6235 is a device for concatenation four E3 signals coming from four different sources. (MPEG Encoders, Digital Studios, ...) into an E4 signal. This device provides very efficient using of a telecom network (Microwave of Fiber) for transmitting a large number of services from different sources. Its best used for SDH links which have E4 interface since for E3 signals will be inserted into the output STM-1 which is more than the tree E3 places designed for direct mapping.

  • Independent conversion of 4E3-E4 and E4-4E3.

  • Accepts more than 34Mbps of MPEG-TS on each E3.

  • VC-4 Mapping Of MPEG-TS into STM-1.

  • User friendly panel interface for control and monitoring

  • Compact size of one rack unit.


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