3E3-STM1 Interface


Pardis DIN-6265 is a device for concatenating three E3 signals coming from three different sources (MPEG Encoders, Digital Studios, ) into an STM1 signal. This device provides very efficient using of a telecom network (Microwave of Fiber) for transmitting a large number of services from different sources. Three input E3 signals are mapped into VC-3 separately and in the junk data, three E1 signals could be inserted as an option making the device ready to transmit/receive nine E1 channels too.


Independent conversion (mux/demux) of 3 independent E3 into STM1 and STM1 to 3 independent E3
Supports DVB MPEG-TS rate of 2-34Mbps in E3 input
Cable length support of more them 300 meters for E3 and 160 meters for STM1
User friendly panel interface for alarms and monitoring.
Compact size of one rack unit


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